Variant 1 - AI is cool

Facebook Ad

Goal: Website Clicks

Budget - $100 a day

Start Date 12 July 2021

End date 19 July 2021

<aside> 🙋‍♀️ Audience Saved Audience: NA Location: USA Interests: Seed accelerator, Startup Ecosystem, startup company, lean startup AND Job Titles: Founder, CEO + Interests = entrepreneurship Age : 25 - 40 Gender: Male Behavior: — Audience size: ~270,000 people


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Design, write, buy, optimize, and report on all of your social media ads. 40 seconds from start to finish.

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A full service marketing agency where 90% of the work is done by AI—get results when you need them.

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AI is taking over the world. Why not let it take over your marketing, too?

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A complete growth marketing agency, powered by AI.

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Get started with the AI-powered full service marketing agency today.

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It takes too much time and effort to write ads that convert. And it’s just as hard to design them so they look good and are easy to understand. CrowdTamers Ai is the first artificial intelligence marketing agency. With AI, we can automatically write & design ads for your business from scratch in seconds, publish them on your Facebook account, monitor and optimize them, and then tell you what's working and what's not, all in seconds.