CT AI Experiment Round 2


Marketing manager / VP at a tech-led company


Start date: 13th Aug 21

End date: 19th Aug 21

Ad creatives:


Ad text:

Variant 1 - Unlock your marketing powers with AI




  1. Fill your marketing gaps with CrowdTamers AI.
  2. Make the most of your marketing budget with CrowdTamers AI
  3. Ads, landing pages, personas, and reporting. All built with AI.

Primary text:

  1. You're doing a lot. Let CrowdTamers AI help you hit your marketing goals with copywriting, ad creation, landing pages, targeting, and reporting at your fingertips in a single tool.
  2. It can be hard to discover the best way to bring a product to market. Let CrowdTamers AI lead the way with our 9 steps automated Grow to Market process. We'll handle the copywriting, ad creation, landing pages, targeting, and reporting, all powered by a single AI tool.